Sometimes I believe we make our challenges more complicated than necessary.  I listen to a lot of discussions about the economic situation we face as a country.  And, I’m sure just writing this, there will be those that claim I’m getting ready to oversimplify our situation.

In my mind, it really comes down to the entrepreneurial spirit! There, I said it.  It’s just that simple…well, ok, let me explain.

We become what we do every day.  If every day, I wake up and decide I’m going to look for opportunity, I will find opportunity.  If every day, I wake up and decide I’m going to making money, I find opportunities to make money.  But the same goes the other way, if I wake up looking for excuses and crutches for not making money, I will not make money and spend all of my time telling others why I can’t.  Finally, if I decide there is absolutely no way to reduce the spending in my business because my sacred cows are just too important, I will find no way to stop spending.  Or, at least until my banker says I can no longer spend!

As a business leader, if you decide you are going to prioritize and measure organization performance, the organization is going to improve its performance in the most important and key areas.  It happens simply because you decide to focus and commit to the improvement.

It is entrepreneurial spirit that makes the difference here.  Sure, there are skills involved, but most of what has to happen is within our mind.  It really is a simple decision followed by the behavior to match it.  And, it is that which an entrepreneur does with great ease.  The basic spirit of an entrepreneur allows them to change, literally “on a dime”.

Now, I’ve heard many diminish their own entrepreneurial spirit with the excuse of “you are different, I’m just not like that…”   But, what does “that” really mean?  Many times it is the willingness to take a risk, other times it is the willingness to have focus and discipline, sometimes it is the willingness to reach out to learn the skills necessary to achieve.  But, what “that” really means is the willingness!

This willingness is rather easy to see in the entrepreneur, if you take the time to observe.   Very simply, entrepreneurs see the world differently—because they choose to look for opportunity.  Entrepreneurs react to adversity differently—because either what others say is not true, or if it is it can be changed!  Entrepreneurs hear the challenges of risk differently—because they believe their personal determination and willingness to learn new skills can overcome the challenges.  Entrepreneurs sense unmet needs and chase the opportunity represented by it—mostly because someone should!

Finally, entrepreneurs are willing to do without what others have today—because possessions are merely a measuring stick for personal achievement.