Markets are a new way of thinking. Understanding your Market is the secret sauce in moving from a few quick hits to many big wins.

Today’s markets move fast.  Technology is disruptive.  New ideas emerge and flourish. New competitors come from unlikely places. And, old competitors will use significant resources to defend their leadership… You have to be ready!

Personal experiences shape an entrepreneurial venture. But sometimes, one person’s experience is just not enough. You need people around you that have addressed Markets and competitively won significant marketshare.  The experience of knowing what tools to apply, what costs to absorb and what returns to expect.

Success requires the discipline to assess, plan, act, measure and course correct, and with rigorous speed.

“You will define your business, or the market will…the latter will be ever more harsh.”  ~Rebecca MacKinnon

5D Strategies identifies critical market factors and activities necessary to be competitive. We map the characteristics, composition, forces and drivers, cost structure, regulation, competitors and key strategic players.

We help you understand the market forces that support your entry and expansion, and of course, those that don’t. 

Where we have worked in the past…

  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Apps and Smart Devices
  • Light Manufacturing
  • General Business Systems
  • e-Commerce
  • Agriculture Tech
  • Agriculture Services

“Like our own personal startup accelerator…”

Lonnie J., CTO/CIO