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About Us

Have you ever been in a room of people that embrace life experiences?

They listen with intensity and are genuinely excited to share.


Well, that's 5D!  

We don't just enjoy a challenge, we enjoy creating's in our DNA.

“Remember from where you come…as it may just determine where you will go…and, eventually, where you find you belong!” Rebecca MacKinnon 

Rebecca S. MacKinnon

Rebecca S. MacKinnon, Principal Partner and Co-Founder of 5th Dimension Strategies, a successful early stage, high growth consulting firm.

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JD Quaney

JD is a Financial Analyst for 5D Strategies.  JD is completing his undergraduate work in Finance in the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University.

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Lexi Burghart

Lexi is a Business Analyst for 5D Strategies. She strives to offer forward ideas, as she evaluates the current state.

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Makayla Kennedy

Makayla is a Digital Transformation Designer for 5D Strategies. She is a recent graduate from Benedictine College. She received a Bachelor of Art in Marketing.

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Erin Nugent

As a Registered Dietitian, I have turned a passion for health and wellness into a career.  My work with SoulFIRE Health allows me to share that passion more broadly.

Lauren Kennedy

Marketing and visual communications is my passion. SoulFIRE Health provides me the opportunity to put learning into practice.

Jack Bibb
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Jack is a multimedia artist for 5D Strategies. He pursues dynamic creative solutions that will solve the issue at hand.

Michie Slaughter

After a distinguished career in human resources and entrepreneurship, our co-founder, Michie Slaughter, passed away in 2014.



In Memory of...

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