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NCES and SoulFIRE Health Partner For Digital Distribution


NCES, Inc. announces the creation of a content distribution relationship with SoulFIRE Health, a digital engagement group of 5th Dimension Strategies, LLC. The NCES Catalog is a rich library of nutrition promotion, education and general wellness products with years of investment. The mostly paper-based library will be transformed into digital content ready for nutrition and wellness coaching content for registered dietitians, nutritionists, exercise and wellness coaches to easily offer to clients and consumers.

The combined effort allows the vast library of resources to be accessed in a monthly subscription, based on the area a professional focuses her/his work. The new digital library can be accessed from the websites of or

“A recent study showed the predominance of American’s 2021 self-interests are primarily fitness, nutrition and overall wellness behaviors…” says Rebecca MacKinnon, CEO of 5th Dimension Strategies. “The SoulFIRE Health team is a group of early career professionals bringing digital skills to this new era of health promotion and education.”

MacKinnon specifically noted that in the wake of the challenges brought by 2020 pandemic, the Statista study reports 44% of Americans want to Exercise More and 42% say they will Eat Healthier, but with a surprisingly more distant third priority of Spending More Time with Friends at 34%...

“Chronic conditions are often heavily impacted by nutrition choices, many of which are life-long habits that must be modified,” says Chris Jackson, CEO of NCES. The NCES products have traditionally targeted the teaching and education needs for health professionals in working directly with consumers. The once take-home products were a way to offer further learning, ongoing reminders and behavior management support.

“In the digital age, these once packet “stuffers” are now being accessed digitally and forwarded with a click,” says Jackson. “NCES products are high quality and have always received great responses in satisfaction surveys, but it’s time to modernize access to the library. This is a year to ring in the new…”

ABOUT NCES. NCES, Inc. ( is a leader in creating and publishing of health, nutrition and exercise content. The Company provides education materials and teaching tools, individually or as companion products, for health professionals.

NCES works directly with providers or provides content customized to specific target market needs.

ABOUT 5th DIMENSION STRATEGIES. 5th Dimension Strategies, LLC ( has a long history of working with clients on strategic planning and mobilizing organization efforts for success. Of recent years, 5th Dimension Strategies has assembled the talent necessary for implementing necessary Digital Strategies for its clients.

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