5D Strategies

5th Dimension Strategies is dedicated to your business success!

Whether a new launch, emerging, high growth or reaching scale, new growth cycles create very different challenges.  5D Strategies helps you remain focused and disciplined, even when the day-to-day is distracting.

“It’s about knowing when to work on the business vs working in the business…”   ~Rhett Power, Executive Coach

At our roots, we are entrepreneurial. We bring practical, grounded experiences to growing business. We know growth is chaotic — no day is the same, few jobs are well-defined and resources are always stretched — and that chaos is just a sign of growth!

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone could do it!” ~Tom Hanks, In a League of Their Own

All businesses are unique, but with common elements. We call it the 5 key dimensions that shape a company. With growth, each dimension must strengthen through careful planning and judicious use of capital.

It’s what 5D Strategies does!

As you describe the drivers that shape your markets and business today, we begin to develop a roadmap for growth and change. 

We listen.

We learn.

We analyze.

We find options.

You decide the path for moving forward, based on your appetite for growth and risk-taking. 

“Business is 50% opportunities offered to you, and 50% what you do with them!”  ~Michie Slaughter

Our methods are proven successful. Although rigorous, we deploy our tools in a flexible manner to meet the needs of your unique situation. Combined with your interest and appetite to achieve growth, we build the roadmap to success, including the human capital and financial resources likely necessary.

“Just like rocket fuel…”

Kourtney G., CEO