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Life Choices

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As I visited a recent entrepreneur’s event, the topic of Life Choices emerged. One presenter noted a simple fact: there are countries around the world where most important decisions in a person’s life are made by others.

Wow! That’s a bit sobering. It got me to thinking… considering the choices that I have made in my life. Those moments where I stood at crossroads, and the path chosen would be an incredibly different path from the other. The list is a long at this point. There are those choices that have worked out really well, and there are those that have required me to accept that no choice is without its risk. I’ve taken my lumps and moved on.

Yet, how really and truly blessed we are in this country…the fact that we get to choose!

We hold an incredible core belief in our right to destiny. We get to manage our own Life Choices, in the pursuit of happiness.

But, how many of us really do that?  How many of us really make active Life Choices, or do we allow life circumstances to force us into actions that may or may not be of our choice?

Life Choices are, at times, largely a leap of faith…actions taken on feelings, hunches or intuition. It’s a given we will make mistakes when we are young…for all kinds of reasons. But, with age, we should have a better sense of ourselves. We should be able to define more clearly what makes us happy…what fulfills us.  Hopefully, we can say we’ve learned to evaluate advantages and consequences of our choices and begin employing a certain wisdom in Life Choices.

Again, how many of us really do that?  And, if not, why?

Life is short!  Having command over our Life Choices carries a deep responsibility to find happiness.  And, maybe more importantly, prepare our children for honoring the right to define our Life Choices!

We can all find a crutch, an excuse or even someone to blame for poor life choices. And, all of us, at some point in our life, have done just that. Yet, what could we achieve, if we’d fully accept the blessing and the responsibility of our Life Choices?  How far could each of us go?

The Answer:  It’s impossible to know until you try!

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